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We will never ask you to send samples

Waiting for days to know your results is frustrating at best and plain dangerous at worst. Lab-Away is taking that burden away from you. You can take the tests and see the results at home. No sending back of samples.

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How it works

How it works

Order your Home Test Kit

All Lab Away Tests Kits are EU certified and offer absolute reliability, accuracy, and privacy.

Take your tests

Once you receive your test kit, make sure to carefully read the instructions and follow all steps.

Accurate and fast test results

Test results appear within 15-25 minutes. We are proud to say that our Lab Away Test Kits offer +99.9% accuracy.

All while being at home

We’ll never ask you to send a test sample to us. All of our tests are designed to bring results – away from the lab – back to your home. Because your health is your private matter.

Fertility, Safe Sex and Drive Safe Home Test Kits opened

Discrete testing with reliable results in a few minutes

Our home test kits provide results with exceptional level of accuracy. Lab-Away delivers lab-quality results at home and most importantly: your results remain at home. Your health status and your data are under your control.